Saturday, February 19, 2011

Difference of Fermented Wine And Unfermented Wine

One day my husband was telling me that he got annoyed  to one of his colleagues who had always questioned him for not drinking wine or liquor.  In fact, that colleague gave him a text in the Bible citing that even Apostle Paul was telling Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach pain. I understood that my husband was confiding to me so that I can give explanation to that specific verse in the Bible.  I told him  that  there are two kinds of  wine as far as I know. That is Fermented wine and  the Unfermented Wine. After that discussion, my husband turned on the computer and  made a research for that  topic.  For that reason I thought of sharing with you about these two kinds of beverage that  are considered "wine"  but entirely suggest a different meaning and effects.

Fermented Wine

A fermented wine is the kind of wine that undergo  process or method that lasts for  days and years.  A simple extract juice of grape can turn into alcoholic beverage through the process  called fermentation.  Throughout the fermentation yeast and sugars in the juice interact with each other  to produce ethanol which generally identified as ethyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide as a by-product. There are 3  general  classifications of Alcoholic beverage namely: beers, wines and spirits.  

 According to Dr. Sidney Cohen, a drug abuse expert,  alcohol is "the most dangerous drug on earth" .  

Unfermented Wine

This kind of beverage refers simply to any juice extracted from  fruits and vegetables.  For all we know, we can make apple juice by extracting it and definitely  a very healthy beverage which is rich in  Vitamin C.  Take note, Natural Medicine today, prescribe pure extracted  juice from fruits and vegetables for alternative medication.

Personally, I believe that the wine that is cited in the Bible is totally the  unfermented wine. When Jesus made a wine in His first miracle during the wedding in Cana, definitely,  it was not the kind of wine that is fermented.
Proverbs 20:1

Trivia:  You can find more Vitamin C in the apple skin.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anything and Everything: All About Catastrophe. . . .

Anything and Everything: All About Catastrophe. . . .: "Hello friends, let us talk about catastrophe that is happening now all over the world. What does it imply? Do we think this is ju..."

An Ultimate Information For Moms and For Those Who Want An Addtional Income.

Hello friends, I would like to share with you the experience I have gone through in my search for a real home based on-line job. This is dedicated to all mothers who want to work on-line and to anyone who wants to have an additional income.  I used to work in the Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) for 14 long years as Customer Service Assistant. September of last year (2010) I resigned from my job because I prioritize my family over my work since my husband was most of the time apart from me and from my kids for more than ten years due to our respective job responsibilities.  His job is in the City and mine was in the province which takes 6 to 7 hour-trip. My husband would come home every weekends traveling on night trip and got home on the early morning of the following day and would come back to the city early morning of Monday to catch up his duty.  That situation was very unsafe for him so I decided to join him together with my kids, I think this is the best thing to do and I believe that family is the most important one over other things.

We moved to the city for good along with my ultimate hope to look and search for jobs on-line.  Thanks to my fellow office mate who told me a site where I could find an on-line job but the assurance of getting the job is still uncertain.  I went to the site and signed up for free then after a moment, my account was created, I went through some examinations to of course validate my skill whether I will be qualified for the job offered by the site . Everything went well and I started looking for jobs. It was so simple and easy as that. Just persevere and keep on looking for any job that you think is suitable for your skill.  As of this day, I got a contract from one of the biggest companies in the Internet business which name is very known to us, my continuous search for the job is paid off.  The advantage is you can manage your time and receive other jobs if you want to. I  hope this personal experience that I share with you would somehow help you in finding jobs on-line. For more information visit this link.

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All About Catastrophe. . . .

Hello friends, let us talk about catastrophe that is happening now all over the world.  What does it imply? 
Do we think this is just a natural thing to  happen as the world gets older? If so, can you picture out the events 10 years after?

Is this something wee need to know that can never be ignored?  

Let's share on this.... Hope to hear from you soon. . . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Healthy Be Happy

This is a step by step information that I am going to give you on how to be healthy and happy in life, God designed us to be happy and not to be desperate.  Let's learn the basic laws of health, and the important factors that keep us healthy.

Food and Nutrition.  Our body relies to the food we eat. Others consistently  refrain from eating improper food, & at the same time fail to eat food that supplies the elements necessary for the proper sustenance of the body. Being temperate of everything we take in is the solution to that. Those who understand the laws of health & who are governed by principle, will shun the extremes, both of indulgence & of restriction. Their diet is chosen, not for the mere gratification of appetite, but for the upbuilding of the body. They seek to preserve every power in the best condition for highest service to God & man. The appetite is under the control of reason & conscience, & they are rewarded with health of body & mind. While they do not urge their views offensively upon others, their example is a testimony in favor of right principles. These persons have a wide influence for good. MH 319.
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Tired of Working? Get to Know This

When I was still working, one day I went to one of the Money Senders we have in our country to send money to my husband, inside the employee's office I saw a page posted on the wall that really caught my attention. I want to share this with you, it is something funny if we really take it into consideration.


If YOU are one of these people that feels tired of working too much, it is good to remember the words of BERNARD SHAW who wrote:
“The year is made up of 365 days each having 24 hrs, 12 of w/c are night time hrs w/c add up 
to a total of 182 days.   

This leaves you w/ 183 days to work minus 52 Sundays, w/c leaves you 131 days to work minus 52 Saturdays, w/c leaves you 79 days to work.  

But there are 4 hrs. each day set aside for eating w/c adds up to 60 days, w/c leaves 19 days for working. 

But you are entitled to 15 days, w/c means you have 4 days left for work minus 3 days you usually take off for illness or other emergencies, w/c leaves you 1 day to work, w/c happens to be Labor Day w/c is a holiday. . . . SO WHY ARE YOU TIRED??? 
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I've never known this until the time I wrote an article about this particular keyword. Before, It made no sense to me I thought bra is just a piece of undergarment that I can be worn whatever design it is as long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing. But the fact is that wearing inappropriate kind of bra especially during our teen years could could contribute bad posture, back pains, and strains. I would like to share with you this information hoping somehow it would guide you on what kind of bra to wear appropriate to the activities we are going to engage with.

Fashion designers have created different kinds of bra available in the market today. Together let us discover them. There are designs available  such as, wireless, under-wire, nursing bra or maternity, see through, specialized bra, sports bra, strap-less and backless bra. In fact, there is a free size type of bra that can fit to any bust size.

There are women who are comfortable without  bra, but there is such activity that we really need to wear bra to protect our breasts from any injury. It is the time during our sports activity and on and after our pregnancy especially to those women who are blessed with large breasts.  This definitely  prevents our breasts from sagging. Maternity or nursing bra is appropriate one to use for nursing mothers, its design is hygienic therefore it is most advantage than with those of normal design. Furthermore, this allows nursing mother to do breastfeeding very uncomplicated. This also provides nursing mothers comfort and support during the weeks where the breast size can have changes now and then.

Other kinds of bra can be worn according to our preference, always consider the benefit and the comfort it will give to us. Generally, women prefer to wear under-wire bra (including me) for it enhances and gives excellent shape that would also boosts up our confidence. Thanks to the manufacturers who created different designs for us women to have more choices in getting the right bra to wear.