Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've never known this until the time I wrote an article about this particular keyword. Before, It made no sense to me I thought bra is just a piece of undergarment that I can be worn whatever design it is as long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing. But the fact is that wearing inappropriate kind of bra especially during our teen years could could contribute bad posture, back pains, and strains. I would like to share with you this information hoping somehow it would guide you on what kind of bra to wear appropriate to the activities we are going to engage with.

Fashion designers have created different kinds of bra available in the market today. Together let us discover them. There are designs available  such as, wireless, under-wire, nursing bra or maternity, see through, specialized bra, sports bra, strap-less and backless bra. In fact, there is a free size type of bra that can fit to any bust size.

There are women who are comfortable without  bra, but there is such activity that we really need to wear bra to protect our breasts from any injury. It is the time during our sports activity and on and after our pregnancy especially to those women who are blessed with large breasts.  This definitely  prevents our breasts from sagging. Maternity or nursing bra is appropriate one to use for nursing mothers, its design is hygienic therefore it is most advantage than with those of normal design. Furthermore, this allows nursing mother to do breastfeeding very uncomplicated. This also provides nursing mothers comfort and support during the weeks where the breast size can have changes now and then.

Other kinds of bra can be worn according to our preference, always consider the benefit and the comfort it will give to us. Generally, women prefer to wear under-wire bra (including me) for it enhances and gives excellent shape that would also boosts up our confidence. Thanks to the manufacturers who created different designs for us women to have more choices in getting the right bra to wear.

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