Saturday, February 19, 2011

Difference of Fermented Wine And Unfermented Wine

One day my husband was telling me that he got annoyed  to one of his colleagues who had always questioned him for not drinking wine or liquor.  In fact, that colleague gave him a text in the Bible citing that even Apostle Paul was telling Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach pain. I understood that my husband was confiding to me so that I can give explanation to that specific verse in the Bible.  I told him  that  there are two kinds of  wine as far as I know. That is Fermented wine and  the Unfermented Wine. After that discussion, my husband turned on the computer and  made a research for that  topic.  For that reason I thought of sharing with you about these two kinds of beverage that  are considered "wine"  but entirely suggest a different meaning and effects.

Fermented Wine

A fermented wine is the kind of wine that undergo  process or method that lasts for  days and years.  A simple extract juice of grape can turn into alcoholic beverage through the process  called fermentation.  Throughout the fermentation yeast and sugars in the juice interact with each other  to produce ethanol which generally identified as ethyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide as a by-product. There are 3  general  classifications of Alcoholic beverage namely: beers, wines and spirits.  

 According to Dr. Sidney Cohen, a drug abuse expert,  alcohol is "the most dangerous drug on earth" .  

Unfermented Wine

This kind of beverage refers simply to any juice extracted from  fruits and vegetables.  For all we know, we can make apple juice by extracting it and definitely  a very healthy beverage which is rich in  Vitamin C.  Take note, Natural Medicine today, prescribe pure extracted  juice from fruits and vegetables for alternative medication.

Personally, I believe that the wine that is cited in the Bible is totally the  unfermented wine. When Jesus made a wine in His first miracle during the wedding in Cana, definitely,  it was not the kind of wine that is fermented.
Proverbs 20:1

Trivia:  You can find more Vitamin C in the apple skin.