Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tired of Working? Get to Know This

When I was still working, one day I went to one of the Money Senders we have in our country to send money to my husband, inside the employee's office I saw a page posted on the wall that really caught my attention. I want to share this with you, it is something funny if we really take it into consideration.


If YOU are one of these people that feels tired of working too much, it is good to remember the words of BERNARD SHAW who wrote:
“The year is made up of 365 days each having 24 hrs, 12 of w/c are night time hrs w/c add up 
to a total of 182 days.   

This leaves you w/ 183 days to work minus 52 Sundays, w/c leaves you 131 days to work minus 52 Saturdays, w/c leaves you 79 days to work.  

But there are 4 hrs. each day set aside for eating w/c adds up to 60 days, w/c leaves 19 days for working. 

But you are entitled to 15 days, w/c means you have 4 days left for work minus 3 days you usually take off for illness or other emergencies, w/c leaves you 1 day to work, w/c happens to be Labor Day w/c is a holiday. . . . SO WHY ARE YOU TIRED??? 
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  1. i get tired mostly because of lack of sleep. but seems i can't do a thing about that lack of sleepy coz insomniac naman ko, Jo!

    This is a nice blog and keep this going.

  2. this quote really got my attention during our Mass training for grade 9 in the K to 12 curriculum... if i work none a day, then why im so stress? huhuhuhuh

  3. Everybody in the world can feel the stress. What you need to do is don't follow office rules, follow your rules don't be stress and have a happy Don't follow office rules, follow your rules don't be stress happy work, ignore the manager and boss. It doesn't matter what happens.